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IEOC visited Japan for business meetings with SoftBank

IEOC visited Japan for the second time in this year to have business meetings with Softbank and other business partners. On 26th November, IEOC met SoftBank executives, Takuji Tanigawa, Harada Kengo and discussed how to create and promote Esports contents through 5G SoftBank service. IEOC founder Kent Kim explained its business models and plans to hold offline Esports events and to create online Esports contents. Executives from SoftBank were so much interested in IEOC since SoftBank is going to launch 5G network next year and the company need to find 5G contents for the network.

IEOC also met Hajime Kuge, Shinnoske Io from Coiny. Mr. Hajime Kuge san is professional Esports player at Japan. Mr. Hajime san offered knowledge about how Esports events are making progress In Japan and efficient and effective ways to have IEOC Esports event.

Also, G-Angle became crucial partner to IEOC. G-Angle is a company providing animation art, Illustration, video, localization, narration to game publishers. This company is connected 180 companies throughout Japan and China and other Asian region. If IEOC is to have Esports event at Japan, G-Angle promised unwavering support.

To expand our business relationship in Japan, IEOC also visited two Rotary Clubs in Japan.

at the SoftBank Lobby

Carol Ha, Shinnoske Io, Kent Kim at the 11th floor of the Softbank headquarters.

Carol Ha, Shinnoske Io, Hajime Kuge, Kent Kim at the Coiney company.

Carol Ha, Gonta Terada(Senior Vice President of the G-Angle), Kent Kim, Lee Seungchan at G-Angle company.

At the Tokyo Setagaya Rotary Club

Tokyo South Rotary Club

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