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Are you Ready for Esports in 2020?

IEOC wants to celebrate 2020 as the year of a new foundation for Esports to flourish in every major city. More countries have recognized the true potential of this new momentum and have begun to embrace this wonderful opportunity. Thus, we have no doubt that Esports will further grow with the rest of the world. We welcome all the new partnerships to reach this end goal together. 

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Tokyo, Japan
2020 8.15-16

Who are the Best Esports players in the world?


Esports Omnipotent 2020

The First Esports Omnipotent in 2020
2020 0202-0815
10:00 am

In 2022, Esports can be officially recognized to play at the Asian Game in Hangzhou, China.


Already, there are many International Esports leagues and competitions around the world.


Nonetheless, there has never been a huge Olympic-like Tournament that covers a number of games with players that represent their countries. This international competition will stake national pride, honor, and integrity.

We are creating something revolutionary for everyone. No one can doubt that Esports will spread more and faster than anything else. For the first time in history, we are creating an Olympic for Esports.


Esports Omnipotent is the new name for it! About 30 different games can be played by national teams carefully selected every year to proudly represent their countries.

Baseball, basketball, football players have made astronomical money in the past. They have influenced and shaped many children's lives.

Why not Esports players?

Let's change the world.

Let's change history together.


Together we can!


IEOC Members
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it is Not the Olympic! it is the Omnipo!

We use the New word, Omnipotent

International Esports Omnipotent Committee (IEOC) is currently established in London, England. 


We only use the word, Olympic to quickly pass on the idea; however, this trademark belongs to actual Olympic. Therefore, we do not intend to use Olympic in any manner.


Instead, we use Omnipotent, which describes the power of God. This is a new word that we made. In short, IEOC should be read Esports Omnipotent Committee as to refer to “Game God” 





Selected IEOC Esports Players
Number of Games
Cities and regions

IEOC Committee Members

To start, we need to find reliable IEOC Committee Members for each country. Obviously, the credentials and integrity of IEOC members in each country will be critically important. Each country must have at least 12 IEOC members and at most 1000 members. This will require further consideration. Just consider the US and China. There are 50 States.  


They will represent their own country and state if the country is too large. Their job is to search and secure the National Team for all the game categories to represent their country. The National Players will all wear their National flag on the Uniform.


Then, International IEOC committee members will elect their own IEOC National Director in each country. Together, IEOC members in each country will find Corporate Sponsors to support their National Teams with Travel Expenses and lodging. Of course, we plan to raise Sponsorship funds to support each National team to safely travel and play from the beginning to the end. However, this requires all the teamwork from everybody. 


Time pressure is critical as we plan to host the first "Game Gods" Esports Omnipotent this year in October. However, this year would be a preliminary Tournament that would lay the fundamental groundwork for the future so we don’t have to kill ourselves with such a high expectation. 


Every Beginning should be humble. So let's not be too scared. Together, we can overcome any hardships. Together, we can achieve anything we imagine. People are great! And we believe in people with talents.

International Esports Omnipotent Committee Members

Each one of them represents his/her country.


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